Treasurer’s Page

AlanMcHi, I’m Alan McDermott, Treasurer of the Poly.  My  job is, obviously, to keep the club’s finances in order.

The hard bit is making sure that every payment, for matches, annual subs and other payments is accounted for correctly.  I need everyone who is handling payments to the club to help me on that – so when you are banking some money to the club account, please help make my life easier by following the following guidelines…

  • Make all payments as soon as you can after the match / event.
  • Make transfers for one thing at a time – mixed payments are harder to unravel
  • Use clear bank references including the key facts I need eg. squad, opposition, player name, date.

If possible, please add the details on one of the forms linked below so I can track it – I use these forms to reconcile against the bank statements.

Other things that you might want….

Annual Subs are £100 if paid before 30 September 2013, £105 thereafter.

Full time students, the unwaged and specialist goalkeepers can pay £55.

A Match Levy of £75 should be banked for ALL games unless I have agreed an alternative amount for a specific reason.

If you have a question or query please email me via the below form.

Best Wishes for a successful season.


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