Sunday Vets

Skipper: Steve O’Hara

Player of the Year: Simon Woodbridge

The Sunday Vets played the season in the newly formed Premier League of the West London Vets League. A couple of early wins proved to be deceptive. As the season wore on injuries and nonavailability, as well as the absence of a regular keeper, led to a few consecutive defeats – many by the odd goal. However a late rally, helped immeasurably by Alan McDermott playing in goal, meant we avoided relegation.

There were some exceptional performances. Our ageing stars, Digby and Chris Walton both had great seasons before succumbing to injury. New boy Steve Pegg, once he shook off the family hamstring problem, was superb. However our Player of the Season was Simon Woodbridge for his consistent excellence.

Our team is probably unique in awarding a “Dildo of the Match” after every game, culminating in the “Dildo of the Season” This coveted award went unanimously to Chris Walton.

Given our squad is undoubtedly the oldest in the league we clearly need to recruit some younger players to be competitive in, what is, a very good league. With that in mind I am stepping down as manager. Next season the manager/captain will be the youthful John Hampton so any potential new players should contact him on

Our season statistics for our 17 matches are shown below.


Steve O’Hara

Name Appearances Goals
O’Hara Steve 14 2
Woodbridge Simon 14 5
Oxford Greg 13 4
Sykes Tony 13 0
Ingle Digby 12 0
McDonald Horace 12 7
Pegg Steve 12 3
Walton Chris 12 0
Hampton John 11 0
Craig Steve 10 2
Jonas Mark 10 3
Malone Giles 10 0
Brooks Pete 9 4
Pope Wayland 9 0
Kelly Mike 8 1
McDermott Alan 8 0
Barclay Geoff 6 0
Graham Paul 6 0
MacInearney Ian 5 0
Rowland Jonathan 5 1
Wakefield Chris 5 0
Whelan John 5 0
Lemmon Barry 4 0
King Darrell 3 2
Pegg Chris 3 0
Kelly Martin 2 1
Shannon Drew 2 1

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