Poly History

Words By Jon Symcox

Home Tidings/Polytechnic Magazine and photographs provided courtesy of the University of Westminster Archive (www.westminster.ac.uk/archives)

Spartan League history provided by Mike Wilson

FA Cup results and details provided by David Barber of the Football Association and the FA’s official website (www.thefa.com)

19th Century & Pre-War : Inter-War : Post-War
Record Results : Timeline : Honours & FA Cup Results
FA Cup : Ground : Other Sports & Clubs : Harriers Athletic Club
Quintin Hogg : Arthur Kinnaird

The following pictures are from the archives but we are not sure of the year or people involved. Please use the contact page to let us know if you have any information.




Below : Poly Strollers pictured in 1976.  A full size version of this image is available here.

Poly Strollers pictured in 1976

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